Standard Drawings

Conditions of Use

  1. For the purposes of using the standard drawings within the Wentworth Shire for construction works, sd1-1 forms part of each and all individual standard drawings.
  2. The standard drawings are derived from, and shall be read in conjunction with, Wentworth Shire council’s general specification for roadworks and drainage.
  3. The general specification shall take precedence over the standard drawings.
  4. The intention of the standard drawings is to maintain a uniform and consistent approach for both design and construction aspects for common or frequent situations.
  5. The standard drawings may not be suitable for all construction situations and a variation of a particular standard drawing, or an above-standard design, may need to be adopted. approval is required from the manager technical services, roads and engineering department.
  6. The use of any variation of the standard drawings must have the explicit approval from council officers.
  7. Standard drawings marked ‘restricted use’ shall not be used unless explicit approval has been granted by Wentworth Shire council manager technical services, roads and engineering department.
  8. All suppliers of specified grates and precast pits must have Wentworth Shire council’s approval to supply to any works within the Wentworth Shire. all supplied grates, covers, surrounds and precast pits must be Wentworth Shire Council approved models. approval can be sought through Wentworth Shire council roads and engineering department.
  9. The user of the standard drawings is to ensure they have the latest revision/s at time of use. when a revision is made to a standard drawing all previous revisions are made redundant and shall not be used.
  10. Crushed rock classifications given are as per vicroads classifications. equivalent crushed rock may be used if approved.
  11. Standard drawings are not to scale unless noted otherwise. standard drawings are not to be scaled.