Urban and Rural Addresses

Wentworth Shire Council is responsible for the issue of all urban and rural addresses in the Shire. It is important for this to be done correctly as it allows properties to be easily identified by service providers. This includes emergency services (eg. fire, ambulance, police), postal services (eg. regular mail delivery and special packages) and other service and utility providers.

Urban Address

An urban address is issued for all properties located within township boundaries.

Numbering for all urban addresses are generally applied at the subdivision stage so that they are readily available when a property is purchased.

Rural Address

A rural addresses is for all properties that lay outside of the township boundaries. Rural addresses are allocated once an application is made to council. The number will depend on the location of the property and needs to be consistent with standards to ensure that the property can be found by the relevant services.

To apply for a rural address, please complete the following form and return to council via email to council@wentworth.nsw.gov.au