The Shire of Wentworth has four Landfill and two Transfer Stations. 

The landfill is at Buronga and is located about 2.5km up the Arumpo Road from the Silver City Highway turnoff.

  • Green waste is charged as per Council’s fees and charges. Ratepayers in the Shire are now provided with two free tokens per financial year.
  • Recycling bins are available at Wentworth, Dareton and Buronga sites. (Cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, aluminium cans)

Wentworth and Dareton: Scrap metal, oil, green waste and cardboard.

Pomona: Scrap metal and green waste.

Buronga: Tyres (refer to charges), concrete, oil, gas bottles/cylinders, green waste, scrap metal, pushbikes, cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, car batteries.