Rates Payments Due Dates

In accordance with Section 562 of the Local Government Act 1983, rates may be paid in quarterly instalments by the due dates listed below:


Payment of Rates and Charges by quarterly Instalments

1st Instalment

31st Aug

2nd Instalment

30th Nov

3rd Instalment

28th Feb

4th Instalment

31st May

If an instalment is unpaid by its due date, daily interest charges will accrue immediately on that instalment. Instalment reminder notices will be sent to those ratepayers who chose to pay by instalment.


Payment of Rates and Charges in full

If you wish to pay the total amount due in full, payment should be made on or before the first instalment due date as daily interest will accrue immediately on the first instalment if unpaid by its due date.  Interest on overdue rates accrues at the rate of 5% per annum, calculated daily.

As per the Local Government Act 1993, the interest rate has been set at 5% per annum on overdue rates.

Payment difficulties

Should you have any difficulty in paying, please contact  Council’s Rates Department on (03) 5027 5027 to discuss suitable arrangements.