Garbage Collections

Kerbside rubbish collection services are provided to many of Wentworth Shire Council Residents.

Residents should place their bin in a suitably accessible location on the day prior to scheduled collection.  Residents are expected to put their bins out and take them in when appropriate and also to look after that bin.

Council will only collect from rubbish bins that have been issued by Wentworth Shire Council.  Council will not collect items sitting next to the bins.  Any spillage not caused by the collection truck is to be removed by the Resident.

240L bin emptied once per week.

Garbage collection days

MondayWentworth, Pomona and Dareton.
TuesdayCoomealla and Curlwaa irrigation districts, River Road and Boeill Creek.
WednesdayTrentham Cliffs, Gol Gol township, Gol Gol North, Gol Gol, Buronga irrigation areas, Buronga township and Mourquong.

Please ensure the following items are not put in your rubbish bin.

  • Batteries
  • Hot ashes
  • Liquids including oil, paint and solvents
  • Soil, garden waste and rocks
  • Gas bottles
  • Medical waste
  • Timber, concrete, bricks and building material including asbestos

A weight limit of 100kgs applies. If your bin is too heavy the truck cannot pick it up.


How to ensure your bin is collected

Kerbside bins need to be put out the night before collection.

Bins can be emptied at any time between 5am and 9pm. Please be aware that operations do change from time to time and the schedule may change, altering the emptying time of your rubbish bin. 

Urban Areas

Place your rubbish bin on the nature strip or footpath 10-100cm from the kerb with the wheels and handle of the bin facing your property.

Rural Areas

Place your rubbish bin 1.5m-2m from the edge of the sealed road or the graded road shoulder with the wheels and handle of the bin facing your property.

Missed, stolen, damaged and requests for a new bin

Contact Council if;

  • If your rubbish bin has not been emptied by the following morning after your collection day.
  • If your bin needs repair.
  • If a new bin is required, a replacement fee may apply in certain circumstances.