Mobile Food Vending Vehicles

Mobile food vending vehicles may be used in a variety of manners in the Wentworth Local Government Area.

What is a Mobile Food Vending Vehicle?

A mobile food vending vehicle is a registered vehicle under the Road Transport Act 2013 such as trucks and vans and used for the sale of food and drinks. Pushbikes, carts and other objects are not included in the Local Approvals. 
Private Land Use

The State Environmental Planning Policy allows mobile food vending vehicles to trade from private land without Council consent. Certain development standards apply including a requirement for the consent of the landowner, a limit of one vehicle per site and the hours of operation being restricted to 7am to 7pm in residential zones. Notification to Council is still required.

Public Land Use

Food vending vehicles may operate at approved special events, such as festivals, fairs and shows with the permission of the event licence holder who holds a Section 68 Approval. Your vehicle will be included on the approval with the submission of your public liability and motor vehicle insurances. 

Trade on Council roads is limited to approved areas.  Please refer to following Attachment 1 of the Mobile Food Vendors Policy for the current Council approved locations.

What’s Next?

Step 1 – Please review the Mobile Food Vendors Policy PR016 to ensure your business meets the requirements.

Step 2 – Complete the Mobile Vendor Permit Application to Sell Food form, including all the supplementary documentation required to assess your application as outlined below. Lodge form with Council and make payment of the application processing fee. 

  • RMS Vehicle Registration
  • Certificate of Currency of Third Party Property Damage Insurance to the value of $10,000,000
  • Certificate of Currency of Public and Product Liability Insurance to the value of $10,000,000
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Vehicle build and layout plans
  • Suggested menu or list of foods being sold

Step 3 – If your application is successful, Council officers will contact you to arrange a time for an inspection of your vehicle. Once the vehicle is satisfactorily inspected, you will be issued with an approval to operate, for the financial year valid until 30 June, unless otherwise revoked.

Operator found not complying with the policy will have their approval revoked immediately and may not be granted a new approval to operate in the future.

Before you get started

All food businesses whether temporary, mobile or fixed must notify Council of their activities. Please complete and return the Food Premises Registration/Change of Details Form:


Food businesses must ensure their staff are appropriately trained to handle food. Business serving unpackaged, potentially hazardous foods will require a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). A copy of the certificate must be kept in the vehicle.

For more information go to theNSW Food Authority’s website.

Mobile Food Vending Guidelines

All mobile food vending vehicles must comply with the Food Act 2003. The Guidelines for mobile food vending vehicles have been developed to assist businesses comply with the legislation.

Please refer to the NSW Food Authority Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles

For further information or to discuss the details, please phone Council’s Health & Planning Division on (03) 5027 5027.