Septic Tanks

Where connection to sewer is not available, houses and buildings must install septic tanks or waste water treatment systems that are accredited by the NSW Department of Health.

A licenced plumber must carry out, and sign off on any septic tank works, including installation and any alterations.

Prior to the installation of an onsite waste water system, a Land Capability Assessment must be undertaken by a soil engineer, and the report submitted to Council. The Land Capability Assessment (LCA) determines the best way to dispose of waste water at the property, depending on the soil type, size of the block, and type of system to be installed.

In addition to the installation of an onsite waste water system, effective management and performance of the system is required in order to minimize the risk to public health and the environment. As a general rule septic tanks must be pumped out at intervals not exceeding 3 years.

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