Road Opening Permits

Application for Road Occupancy

Special Event Road Occupancy Application

Required for the interruption or occupation of any area within the road reserve. Generally referred to as partial or full closure when interfering with access or movement flows of the public including pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, public transport  or property access.

Road Opening Permit

Road Opening Permit Application

To be completed by anyone wishing to conduct any kind of works that may affect council assets such as road, footpaths, sewer, drainage and water supply. Items include, roadworks, nature strip works, footpaths, water tappings, any excavations etc. Main items required are copies of proposed works diagram and/or description, traffic management plan/s, public liability certificate of currency ($20M minimum)

Road Opening Permit guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared in relation to legislation, in particular, the Local Government Act and Regulations, the Roads Act 1993 as amended, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, OHS Act 2000 and Regulations 2001.

A Road Opening Permit Application does not grant or give permission to carry out permanent restoration.

Permission to carry out permanent restoration must be sought in writing from Council.

All applications for permanent restoration will be considered on a case to case basis and will be subject to strict conditions.

When do I need to apply for a Road Opening Permit?

A Road Opening Permit is required when you wish to carry out work within a road reserve or public area.

For example:

  • Service Connections (water, sewer, storm water, electricity, telephone, gas etc.)
  • Construction of: driveways, sewer mains, storm water drainage or water mains
  • Conduits and/or pit installations for public utilities for any infrastructure within a public area.

To ensure no existing underground services are damaged, the applicant must contact Dial Before you Dig (1100) and accurately locate and protect any existing services before commencing work.

Council can provide a sample Traffic Management plan to assist with your Road Opening Permit application.

Terms and conditions of a Road Opening Permit

  • Permits are valid for 30 days from date of issue. If work is not completed in this time, a new permit is to be applied for.
  • You will be charged a one off Road Opening Permit Fee that will include a Refundable Deposit.
  • The refundable deposit will be as per Council’s Annual Fees & charges, which can be found on Council’s website.
  • Council must have receipt of payment before your permit will be processed and/or issued.
  • A permit will only be issued upon receipt of payment.
  • All work is to be completed to the satisfaction of Council.
  • Signs are to be placed by an accredited Traffic Controller, as per the selected traffic plan.
  • In the absence of satisfactory work practices, Council is authorised to stop all operations on worksite until measures have been taken to conform to Council requirements.
  • Council is to be informed when works are ready for reinstatement, so that an inspection of the works can be carried out by a Council Officer (24 hour notice required).
  • Council is to be notified immediately on completion of works so a final inspection can be conducted by a Council Officer (24 hour notice required).
  • The deposit will be refunded after the approved works have had a final inspection.
  • Any rectification costs borne by Council will be taken from the deposit.
  • Where the cost of restoration exceeds the amount of the deposit lodged, overrun costs will be recovered from the permit holder.
  • A copy of the permit shall be kept onsite with all supporting documents whist works are being carried out.
  • Permit Fees and deposits are fixed by Council and subject to change without notice.

Further information required to be submitted with an application

There is certain information that needs to be submitted with an application form.

Please complete Application Form and supply the following documents:

  • Proposed Works Diagram and description of Works;
  • Current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20 Million) with Council listed as an interested party;
  • and Traffic Control Plan prepared by an appropriately qualified person as required by NSW legislation.

Please note: Applications may take up to 5 Business Days to process.

What happens after you fill out an application

Once you have completed the Application Form, including supporting documentation, submit payment and Application to Council for approval.

Once approved you will then be issued your Road Opening Permit.

Applications can be submitted to Council, by either:

  • In Person: Council Office, 26- 28 Adelaide Street Wentworth OR Midway Service Centre, 3 Midway Dr Buronga
  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 81 Wentworth, NSW2648

Further information can be obtained by contacting Council’s Roads & Engineering Department on 03 5027 5027 or alternatively visiting our office at 26 -28 Adelaide Street, Wentworth 2648.