Charity Events and BBQ’s


Charity and community groups often sell food as part of their fundraising activities.  Please be advised, not-for-profit operations are not excluded from the requirement of the Food Safety Standards and provisions of the NSW Food Act 2003.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has developed a series of fact sheets to assist charity and community groups with their fundraising event such as cake stalls and BBQ’s.

For further information visit Charities and Community Organisations Fact Sheets

Skills and Knowledge

Volunteers handling food at charity and community events are not required to have formal food handler training as long as they are under direct supervision of a qualified food handler.  It is recommended that each person is assigned one task within the food stall or BBQ. Volunteers need to be provided with clear instruction and all the appropriate equipment to undertake their food handler duties.

For further information for charities, groups and volunteers, visit NSW Food Authority – Charities, Groups and Volunteers or call Council’s Health & Planning Division on (03) 5027 5027.