Water Billing

Water Billing Periods

1st Period

1st Jul – 31st Oct

2nd Period

1st Nov – 28th Feb

3rd Period

1st Mar – 30th Jun

Water Account Information

Water Charges

Council’s water charges have been developed in accordance with the State Government’s Best Practice Guidelines and Section 501 of the Local Government Act.  The access and consumption charges are calculated to cover the fixed and variable costs associated with the operation of the Water Network and Infrastructure Renewal programs.

Access Charge (included on your rate notice)

An access charge will apply to all properties (including vacant land) within 225m of a Council water pipe, whether connected or not.  The access charge will vary depending on the size of the meter connected with most residential properties having 20mm services.

Water Consumption

Water consumption is billed separately from your rate notice and water readings are undertaken three times a year. Council’s water billing is undertaken on a progressive basis, for example on your notice:

Opening Detailswill always be a May or June date with the meter reading for that year.

Closing Detailsdate the meter was read and the meter reading for that particular period.

As it is progressive billing, the 2nd & 3rd water consumption notices will show total charges LESS the year to date water amounts that have been previously invoiced in the financial year.

Usage Charge

2024/25 usage charges are based on a two step consumption tariff.  Please refer below for 2024/25 water charges.

20mm Filtered Water Charges

Step One$1.38 K/Lless than 250KL
Step Two$3.10 K/Lgreater than 251KL

20mm Raw Water Charges

Step One$0.49 K/Lless than 700KL
Step Two$1.22 K/Lgreater than 701KL

How do I know if I have a water leak?

There may be occasions when you feel that your consumption is higher than normal for no given reason. To check if you may have a water leak in the pipes on your side of the meter, choose a day when no one will be home and ensure all taps, etc. are turned off.  Read your meter when you leave your home and again upon your return (the longer the better, some leaks are slow and hard to detect).  If the meter registers water usage, you may have a leak somewhere in the system and you should call your plumber to investigate.

Water Account Enquiries

To make the process easier please compare the meter readings recorded on your bill and the actual readings on the water meters before ringing Council.

BPAY:  It is important to note that if you are paying your water consumption account via B-Pay that the water payment reference is located in the top right hand corner of the notice and is different to your rates account B-Pay reference number. The water account reference number will start with a 2.

Access to Water Meters

Please ensure that vegetation is cleared from around your water meters to enable easy access for Council’s water meter readers.