Food Inspections

Council conducts unannounced inspections of food premises across the Wentworth LGA to make sure that premises are clean, that food handlers have appropriate skills and that food is safely prepared and stored.

As part of an inspection, the following will be assessed:

  • general items: that you appointed a trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS), have an FSS certificate on the premises, and that food handlers have skills and knowledge to handle food safely 
  • food handling controls: storage, display and transport, processing, the risk of cross-contamination 
  • cleaning and sanitising, hand washing and proximity of facilities 
  • food temperature control 
  • pest control 
  • premises design and construction: issues such as water supply, disposal, adequate and safe garbage facilities and lighting 
  • food labelling: accurate and sufficient. 

For further information on Food Safety Inspections, visit NSW Food Authority – Inspections or call Council’s Health & Planning Division on (03) 5027 5027.