Name: Irrigation Pipe
Location: Bunnerungie Station, Silver City Highway, (Anabranch)
Use: Former Water Pipe
Constructed: 1905
Demolished: 0
Theme: Agriculture
Condition: Poor

Statement of Heritage Significance:

Remnant of a water pipe some 10 centimetres in diameter made of Kaari Pine planks connected in tooth and grind manner and tightly wrapped with galvanised wire. The remnant is done 2 metres in length and set in a display beside two steam engine pumps used to draw water to the pipe. The display is situated in front of the new Bunnerungie homestead. The pipe represents a unique attempt to irrigate the dry western portion of the Shire.

Ben Chaffey was son of George Chaffey who developed the Mildura irrigation area. Ben Chaffey had interests in many properties throughout the Shire and was responsible for many improvements to the pastoral holdings. The pipe was designed to carry water from a well beside Bunnerungie homestead, some fourteen kilometres west over the Anabranch. The attempt to water the dry land failed. The pipe could not retain the water. The wire used on the pipe became useful fencing material.


J Whyte; A Cunningham

Recording Date: 19/11/1988

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