Digital Library

If you have trouble visiting our libraries in person, never fear, we have hundreds of titles to browse in our digital library. BorrowBox is an app that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet device, it contains eBooks and audiobooks for you to access for free.

eBooks are digital books that can be read on a screen. Font can be made larger or smaller by clicking the aA font button in the bottom left of your screen. Screen colour/background can also be changed. Audiobooks are recorded stories that can be played and listened to, this is particularly helpful for long car rides, or for those who are visually impaired.

1. Download the BorrowBox app to your device.

2. Log in. Our service is listed as Wentworth Shire Library. Your username will be your library membership number, found on the back of your library card. Your password is your six digit date of birth (this can be changed later).

3. Browse titles in the collection and find a book you would like to read/listen too.

4. Click “Borrow” to loan the book, if the book is already on loan a “Reserve” option will be available so you are next in line for the title.

5. Click on “Read now” to download the book.

6. Go to “My library” to see all titles you have downloaded/loaned. Select the book you would like to read. Enjoy!

7. If there is a book you would like to read but it is not listed on our digital library, please contact and we will endeavour to purchase the title for you.

Wentworth Historical Society

The Wentworth Historic Society is a volunteer organisation that dedicates time and knowledge toward the preservation of local history and family genealogy. Donations and new members welcome.

Our Historic society is an amazing organisation that operates from our Wentworth branch on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. Lead by society president Jenny McLeod, the historic group preserves local history. If you require any resources from our valuable collection, or would like to make a research request we ask for a research fee of $20.

If you are looking for information about local history please make a request to or phone (03) 5027 5060. Payment details will be provided on request.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Who/What are you looking for information on?
  • Please provide full names, and any other known names of places and/or people.
  • Be as precise as possible with dates. Especially dates of birth and death.
  • Have you already searched ALL online resources/databases? Can you provide links to any information already found?

Here is a list of online resources to get you started from home/in your library:
– Ancestry
– Trove
– NSW State Library
– NSW State Parliament

Please be as specific as possible in your research request. Vague requests will not be followed up.
i.e. “I am looking for information on Mary Smith born 21st March 1875, Wentworth, who spent time on Moorna Station” is a much stronger request than “Do you know of a woman called Mary born here sometime in the 1800s?”