Name: Nulla Nulla Woolshed (Lake Victoria Woolshed)
Location: Nulla Nulla Station, Renmark Road (Lake Victoria)
Use: Woolshed and adjacent shearers quarters
Constructed: 1920
Demolished: 0
Theme: Agriculture
Condition: Fair

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The large elevated shed is clad with corrugated iron and supported on timber posts. The saw tooth roof line has nine sections, each consisting of gauzed light/ventilation openings. The woolshed has 27 shearing stands however, only twelve are operable. Swing gates at each stand lead to a covered counting yard within the shed. The internal yards and shearing machinery are supported by oregon beams. The nearby shearers quarters consist of a series of corrurgated iron structures, able to accommodate some 36 workers. The Nulla Nulla shed is one of the largest existing shearing sheds in the Shire.

During the 1890’s the proprietors of Lake Victoria, Armstrong Bell & Co, commenced moving the activity centre of Lake Victoria Station away from the river to the outstation Nulla Nulla. Improved transport methods enabled less reliance on the river and steamboats. It was more appropriate to locate activity where the stock was held. By the early 1920’s most activity and some structures had relocated from Lake Victoria Homestead to Nulla Nulla. The woolshed and shearers quarters are established from portions of the transported structures previously located on Lake Victoria Station and Bunneringie Station. The woolshed and quarters reflect a significant era in the pastoral industry resultant of the improved technologies and transport.

Conservation of shed and quarters. Inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan.

J Whyte; J Taylor; B Hardy ‘West of the Darling’

Recording Date: 15/12/1988

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