Name: Provincial Border Obelisk
Location: South Australia/New South Wales Border (West of Lake Victoria)
Use: Border Marker
Constructed: 1869
Demolished: 0
Theme: The People
Condition: Fair

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A brick pyramid having 4 rendered plaques with chiselled labels stating PROVINCE BOUNARY.

The official borderline along the 141o east longitude was unsurveyed at the time of pastoral expansion into the Western Darling district. Pastoral pioneers were pushing beyond the confines of South Australia unsure of which set of land laws would ultimately determine their claims. Pastoralists such as George Melrose, who had taken up land at Lake Victoria in 1847, were unable to obtain a lease from either colony until the position of the border was fixed. An agreement was reached between the colonies that South Australia should undertake the border survey which commenced in 1869. The Obelisk is a marker resulting from that survey.


Hardy B ‘West of the Darling’

Recording Date: 30/11/1988

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