Name: Moorna Homestead
Location: Moorna Station, Renmark Rd, Wentworth (Lake Victoria)
Use: Homestead
Constructed: 1869
Demolished: 0
Theme: Agriculture
Condition: Very Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The large and impressive dwelling is constructed of stone and brick quarried from the property. The homestead consists of two connected structures. The main dwelling is connected to a kitchen/workman’s quarters by an enclosed former breezeway and open courtyard. The homestead has a multiple gable roof clad with corrugated iron. A number of rendered chimney stacks with elongated iron pots, extend from the roof line. The large verandah on the front is covered by a separate straight pitched roof and supported by cement columns set on squared pedestals. The columns are adorned with cast iron brackets. The cement pillars and wall replace the original timber posts and balustrade. The front doorway has central, side and fan lights displaying attractive coloured glass and leading. Likewise a north eastern triple window has coloured leadlight panels set in timber casements. The interior is largely in original condition. The rear building is more austere in style. The walls and ceilings are clad with fluted iron and lining boards. An old schoolroom and office are contained in this portion. The homestead is located on the northern banks of the Murray river. It is an impressive component of the Murray landscape and a homestead of particular architectural merit. It is one of the largest and most ornate homes in the Shire still in excellent condition.

The homestead was constructed by William Crozier. It replaced the original dwelling built by Edward Bate Scott who originally settled Moorna after acquiring it from Ned Bagott. By 1856 Moorna was the administrative centre of the Shire. The Commissioner of Lands, police station and post office were established on the property. From 1854 a Court of Petty Sessions set at Moorna. Additionally two bush inns were established on the property. There are no remnants of these structures. The existing dwelling was only ever utilised as a pastoral homestead. Ben Chaffey purchased the property from Crozier and made improvements to the house. The dwelling has played host to some of the Shires most significant pastoralists and located on the site of a vital administrative area of the western district.

Conservation by inclusion within the Local Environmental Plan.

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Recording Date: 18/11/1988

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