Name: Para Woolshed and Shearers Quarters
Location: Para Station, Lower Darling Road (central)
Use: Woolshed, unused
Constructed: 1880
Demolished: 0
Theme: Agriculture
Condition: Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The twelve stand woolshed is constructed with horizontal pine logs and pine slab with internal roughly hewn wooden support posts. The roof is corrugated iron. The extensive yards are still in reasonable condition. The shed is constructed at ground level with slightly elevated shearing boards and internal holding. yards The adjacent shearers quarters consist of a number of structure of mixed building materials including corrugated iron, weatherboard and pine logs. The oldest portion appears to be the kitchen constructed of hand shipped pine logs with vertical hand sown supports and a large brick bakers oven.

The large woolshed and shearers quarters are fine examples of the extent and importance of the wool industry in the lower Darling district. Built largely of local materials and by local labour, the structure is in good condition. Remnants of the loading slipway to the river still exists.

Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan. Encourage the utilisation of the structures for accommodation, tourism activities compatible with the heritage significance of the structures.

B Hardy, ‘West of the Darling’, ‘History of Wentworth’

Recording Date: 15/11/1988

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