Name: Avoca Station Outbuildings
Location: Avoca Station, Pomona Road (central)
Use: Agricultural buildings/holiday farm accommodation
Constructed: 1870
Demolished: 0
Theme: Agricultural
Condition: Fair to Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:

Avoca Station outbuildings consisting of barn, stables and workers quarters have a mixture of building materials and construction periods. Of note are the pine slab walls and wooden lattice window treatment of the barn and horizontal pine log walls of the ornamental wooden barge and gable finials.

The agricultural outbuildings of Avoca Station reflect the extent of activity typical on the large stations prior to the century. The Station, due to its size and relative isolation, acted as a small township providing accommodation and facilities for numerous workers, tradesman and their families. These particular buildings have unique character defined by their decorative architectural elements, usually retained to distinguish the character of the main homestead.

Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan. Maintenance and retention of existing appearance.


Recording Date: 15/11/1988

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