Name: Sulphur Shed
Location: Sage Grove’ Church Road, Curlwaa
Use: Fruit Drying Shed
Constructed: 1920
Demolished: 0
Theme: Agricultural
Condition: Fair

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A timber post frame shed with corrugated iron displaying a monitor roof type enabling ventilation. There are remnants of railway tracks entering the building.

The structure was utilised for grape and fruit drying process, whereby sulphur was burnt under the fruit racks to promote drying. The design of the shed allowed for sufficient ventilation and rail tracks enabling the drying racks to be pushed out into the sunshine once the sulphur process was competed. The shed is located on land settled by Walter Sage in 1908 often referred to as ‘The father of Curlwaa’. Sage was often responsible for bringing the irrigation settlement to the Governments attention and achieved great horticultural success. Experimental co-operative packing was undertaken in the shed in 1921 and assisted in the formation of a local citrus packing society.

Encourage maintenance

C James and P Taylor ‘Curlwaa’

Recording Date: 16/12/1988

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