Name: Curlwaa Store
Location: N I H 69 Delta Road, Curlwaa
Use: Store (and Post Office)
Constructed: 1927
Demolished: 0
Theme: Commerce
Condition: Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The Curlwaa store is a single fronted brick structure with a stucco rendered gable. The decorative pillars in chimney form are located on either side of the gable. Two bay windows and double timber swing doors form the shop front. A small front porch supported by timber posts with iron roof forms an awning. The facade is in original state, due to renovation after a condemn notice was issued. The interior remains in original state with wide benches and rear shelving. The Post Office function has been utilised in an adjacent new shed.

Approval for a Curlwaa Post Office was granted in 1916 and postmistress was Mary Sage wife of Arthur who is known as the father of the Curlwaa Irrigation area. The store commenced in that same year. The combined store and post office was built by Norman Radford, replacing the post office function of the now demolished adjacent residence owned by Mary Sage. Edgar Wildinson bought the store and post office. The Wilkinsons were very active in the community, he was an estate and commission agent and professional photographer. The store provides a focal point for the community and is a significant component of the oldest irrigation settlement in Australia.

Conservation by inclusion within Local Environmental Plan

James CJ & Taylor PL ‘Curlwaa’

Recording Date: 13/12/1988

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