Name: Mildura Bridge (previous)
Location: West of existing Mildura Bridge, Sturt Highway, Buronga
Use: Previous Bridge
Constructed: 1927
Demolished: 0
Theme: Transport and Communication
Condition: Dismantled

Statement of Heritage Significance:

An iron lift span bridge supported by concrete pylons. The bridge had sufficient strength to allow a train to pass over it and the lift span enabled a steamship to pass underneath. The bridge is now replaced by a masonry road bridge.

The Murray River crossing between Mildura and Gol Gol was integral to the development of both townships. Gol Gol was established in its existing location due to the ability of fording the river during low water. Crossing the river was usually by row-boat but it was possible to cross by foot or horse and sulky in times of drought. A public punt operated by the Dring brothers began in about 1915 enabling transport of stock and goods with the aim of opening up land north east for fertile irrigation holdings. The bridge railway never eventuated. However, the location of the bridge resulted in the development of Buronga and reduced the commercial significance of Gol Gol. The bridge was replaced by a road bridge in response to traffic increases.

Formation of a park to incorporate remnants

Voullaire K, ‘Gol Gol’

Recording Date: 13/12/1988

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