Name: State Bank (Rural Bank of New South Wales)
Location: Cnr Tapio and Neilpo Streets, Dareton
Use: Bank
Constructed: 1935
Demolished: 0
Theme: Commerce
Condition: Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A squat brick building with a rounded entrance highlighted by cement pillars forming a porch and supporting a large curved pediment displaying horizontal and vertical reliefs and a plaque of the coat of arms. The tiled high hip roof is punctuated with an elegant turret with ornamental timber panels and a bell cast roof. A protruding bricked extension with two double hung windows faces each street and covered with curved awnings complimenting the entrance.

The bank was one of the first buildings to be erected in Dareton and the only commercial building of such stature existing within the Shire. The solidness of the construction and its dominate corner location indicated the confidence that the bank had in the future of Coomealla.

Conservation by inclusion within the Local Environmental Plan.

Slade L & Williams M, ‘A History of Dareton and the Coomealla Irrigation Area’.

Recording Date: 28/11/1988

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