Name: Snaggy Bend Aboriginal Burial Ground
Location: 4km South West of Wentworth
Use: Sand dune/burial
Constructed: 0
Demolished: 0
Theme: The People
Condition: Wind erosion disturbance to dune, burial intact
Endorsements: Registered Item of National Estate; NP & WS Aboriginal Sites Register

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The sand dune is typical of those fund along the Murray as it has been used for burials. The burials occur on a source-bordering dune 150 metres x 300 metres, rising up to 5 metres above the flood plain. A blowout area has exposed burials on the western side. Sand is being deposited to the east. The dune has little vegetation but the surrounding grey clay flood plain supports Black Box vegetation. Brush fencing and mallee branches have been installed to stabilise the blowout area and the dune has been fenced. The area covers some 20 hectares.

The site is of particular historic and scientific importance as it is the largest known prehistoric Aboriginal burial ground in New South Wales. It was clearly an important place for the people of the Murray Darling junction and is known to have been used from 12,000 years to after European arrival. These latter historic features add to the cultural continuity of the site and contribute to its importance.

Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan.

Register of the National Estate.

Recording Date: 20/11/1988

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