Name: Wentworth Cemetery
Location: Cadell Street, Wentworth
Use: Cemetery
Constructed: 1870
Demolished: 0
Theme: The People
Condition: Fair

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A mixture of gravestones, including marble and granite. The older graves typically surrounded by wrought iron fencing to identify an individual or family plot. Some elaborately carved stones are evident, usually masoned in Adelaide. The small wrought iron grave number markings and denomination symbols are an attractive feature.

The cemetery is comprised of a number of graves which mostly date from the mid 1880’s. Some earlier graves include these of Rebecca, wife of William Bradshaw, first ship owner of Gol Gol (1877) and the three children of William Holding, one of the earliest settlers in Wentworth (1866, 1870, 1871). There are graves of many notable residents of the Wentworth district including that of John Egge, of Chinese nationality, who was a store keeper and owner of steamboats and gave much to charity and the development of Wentworth in the 1880’s.

Conservation by inclusion in Local Environmental Plan. Maintain the grounds and ensure prevention of grave deterioration. Construct a new fence and gateway sympathetic with the historic nature of this site.


Recording Date: 15/11/1988

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