Name: Lockmasters Residence (Edith Cottage)
Location: Cadell Street, Wentworth
Use: Lockmasters Residence (Dwelling)
Constructed: 1889
Demolished: 0
Theme: Commerce
Condition: Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A mid Victorian single storey brick cottage originally constructed as a single fronted dwelling with the additional portion being at the turn of the century. The dwelling has a hipped iron roof and separate wrap around inverted verandah supported by wooden posts. Some portions of the verandah have been screened and enclosed. The eaves are supported by decorative wooden brackets. The building has four single slender chimney stacks with horizontal and vertical relief brickwork.

The dwelling was built for Joseph Gurney, who was a local wool scourer and felmonger. The bricks were most probably supplied by the nearby brickyard run by Joseph Fritz. This is one of the only remaining buildings adjacent to the Lock, which was constructed in 1929, and the dwelling then utilised as the Lockmasters residence.

Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan.

Tullock D ‘The Historic Town of Wentworth.

Recording Date: 13/11/1988

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