Name: Murray/Darling Rivers Junction (Hawdons Ford)
Location: Cadell Street, Wentworth
Use: River Junction
Constructed: 0
Demolished: 0
Theme: Landscape
Endorsements: National Estate List

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The junction of Australians two most significant rivers, the Murray and the Darling, provide a gentle scene of merging waters surrounded by the impressive River Redgums and natural riverine vegetation with a scattering of bird life such as the pelican. An attractive and well maintained picnic spot is located on the northern bank.

Captain Charles Sturt came across the junction in 1830 whilst on an inland expedition. Sturt established a route, following the Murray to South Australia, which became much travelled by overlanders with stock. Joseph Hawdon and Charles Bonney drove cattle overland to Adelaide and arrived at the river junction in 1838. A camp was established at this site which was to grow into the township of Wentworth. The presence of the junction is the purpose behind the establishment of Wentworth and particularly caused its growth as a port town during the River Trade era. The junction continues to act as a draw card for tourists.

Conservation. Continue to maintain picnic grounds. Preserve natural vegetation.

B Hardy ‘West of the Darling’

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