Name: St Ignatius School
Location: Cadell Street, Wentworth
Use: Former Catholic Schoolhouse
Constructed: 1912
Demolished: 0
Theme: Services & Community Facilities
Condition: Good, recently restored

Statement of Heritage Significance:

An unusual symmetrical building of weatherboard construction. The single room structure has a centrally located entrance porch on the northern side. The main gambrel roof is clad with a corrugated iron sheeting and the little gable over the porch has simple timber decoration. The building is supported on timber posts set in the ground, there is a curved, embossed iron window hood over the northern porch window. The former schoolhouse has a boarded ceiling and much internal joinery remains intact. The large main windows however, the sashes operate as casements. The building has been recently restored and repaired. A brick fireplace and chimney on the western side has been replaced with a replica. The original two-tone colour scheme has been rendered.

A small community of Sisters of Mercy opened two schools in Wentworth, the St Ignatius High School and St Francis Xavier Primary school. St Ignatius was utilised until 1925 when the new existing school was constructed in Short Street. The small, unusual schoolhouse has many original details and features an early colour scheme. The building is both architecturally and historically important to the township of Wentworth.

Conservation by inclusion within the Local Environmental Plan.

National trust of Australia (NSW) Register. Tulloch D “The Historic Town of Wentworth”

Recording Date: 13/12/1988

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