Name: Wentworth Gaol
Location: Beverley Street, Wentworth
Use: Former Gaol
Constructed: 1879
Demolished: 0
Theme: Services & Community Facilities
Condition: Good
Endorsements: Classified by National Trust (NSW), Registered as an item of the National Estate

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A small single storey brick gaol with bluestone trim. The entrance is highlighted by a large panelled doorway set in an arch surrounded by stone quoins. The front parapet has a stone corbel trim. The large square windows are surrounded by bluestone quoins. The roof is tiled with slate. The structure is a typical small gaol of the late Victorian period similar to others built in Hay and Gunnedeh. Probably the best example in New South Wales


Conservation by inclusion within Local Environmental Plan

National Trust Register

Recording Date: 13/12/1988

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