Name: Wentworth Primary School (Wentworth Central School)
Location: Darling street, Wentworth
Use: School
Constructed: 1869
Demolished: 0
Theme: Services & Community Facilities
Condition: Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:


Wentworths first public school was established in 1860. Prior to that education was carried out in private institutions. A wooden classroom was built in 1860 and utilised until 1869, when a new classroom was erected. The school building was to accommodate 128 pupils and was attached to a three room residence. Extensions were carried out in 1880 which added length and height to the buildings. An adjacent infants school was erected in 1886. During the mid 1880’s school attendance was in excess on 200 pupils, this declined to some 39 by 1905, but progressively increased. Substantial additions were made since 1960. The school became a primary school in 1974 due to the opening of Coomealla High School. The two brick school buildings represent an important era of growth within the township.

Maintenance of the two original buildings and improved landscaping

“Wentworth Central School reunion” 1860-1988′, Booklet

Recording Date: 13/12/1988

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