Name: The Rectory
Location: Darling street, Wentworth
Use: Anglican Rectory
Constructed: 1873
Demolished: 0
Theme: Services & Community Facilities
Condition: Fair
Endorsements: Permanent Conservation Order

Statement of Heritage Significance:

A large single storey brick building with corrugated iron roof and a verandah supported by cylindrical columns on cement blocks. The four brick chimney stacks have slender cast iron pots. The dwelling is in poor structural condition and requires renovation. The verandah has been modified and does not represent the original design. The dwelling provides an important buffer between the adjacent ‘St John the Evangelist’ Anglican Church and the Wentworth Services Club. The dwelling is one of only a few early brick residences in Wentworth. The Rectory provides a valuable addition and eastern boundary to the history of the historic precinct of Darling Street, which incorporates the Courthouse, Post Office, Police Station, Anglican Church and Primary School.

The Rectory was commissioned to be built by Rev William Cocks who was sent to Wentworth in 1871 to establish a church in the Parish. The impressive Anglican Church was erected in 1872 and a contract let in 1873 to construct the adjacent Rectory. When completed it was reported as the largest dwelling house in the district. Rev Cocks acted as architect and contractor and building materials were supplied from the local brickwork’s or imported by barge.

Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan. Restoration of the verandah to reflect the original style and structural improvement is required. Upgrading of grounds to compliment the adjacent Church

N Grace, ‘The First Church on the Darling

Recording Date: 29/11/1988

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