Name: Courthouse
Location: Darling Street, Wentworth
Use: Courthouse
Constructed: 1863
Demolished: 0
Theme: Services and Community Facilities
Condition: Very good, recently restored
Endorsements: Recorded, National Trust Register; Item of the National Trust.

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The building comprises a two storey structure with hip roof, complimented at the rear with identical single storey extensions displaying the same roof line. A straight pitched verandah surrounds the building, supported by chamfered posts adorned with elegant timber brackets. The upper level features three round headed windows highlighted by stucco hood trim. The ground floor windows are adorned in the same manner. The first entrance door consists of double circular panels and topped with a large fan light. The courthouse is bounded by a picket fence which traditionally adorned most properties in Darling Street, north of Sandwych Street. The structure is the dominant administrative building in the shire and a vital component of the streetscape complimenting surrounding heritage items including the Post Office and St Johns Church.


Conservation by inclusion with the Local Environmental Plan.


Recording Date: 13/12/1988

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