Name: Mallee Cliffs National Park
Location: 30 Kilometres East of Mildura
Use: National Park
Constructed: 0
Demolished: 0
Theme: Landscape
Condition: Damaged by grazing and bush fire but now regenerating
Endorsements: Registered Item of the National Estate

Statement of Heritage Significance:

Mallee Cliffs National Park has an area of some 50,000 hectares and contains an important representation of mallee communities (including both Bull Mallee and Whipstick Mallee) which are continuing to be extensively cleared on private property for grazing. This is the only reserve in New South Wales with Mallee Fowl habitat. The park also includes significant populations of western grey kangaroos.

Mallee Cliffs National Park is typical of the clay red plain country of south west New South Wales and is an important habitat for the endangered mallee fowl.


Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan as being environmentally sensitive.

National Estate Register.

Recording Date: 20/11/1987

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