Name: Tarawi Mallee Area
Location: 33,574 hectares located 80 kilometres north west of Lake Victoria.
Use: Western Land Holding
Constructed: 0
Demolished: 0
Theme: Landscape
Condition: Good
Endorsements: Nomination – National Estate Register

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The country comprises relatively sand plains and dune fields. The plains are calareous with brown soils. The dune fields have mainly red sandy soils. Dense mallee covers the area, with almost complete cover on the dune fields. White mallee and red mallee are dominate species with belah, rosewood and shrub species. Tarawi is representative of the mallee that would have once covered the area west of the Darling River. The areas is important as it is adjacent to Danggali Conservation Park in South Australia, thus forming a continuum of mallee vegetation and the habitat for the endangered mallee fowl.


Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan as being environmentally sensitive.

Register of the National Estate

Recording Date: 20/11/1987

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