Name: Nearie Lake Nature Reserve
Location: 75 kilometres north of Wentworth on the Anabranch
Use: Nature Reserve
Constructed: 0
Demolished: 0
Theme: Landscape
Condition: Prior grazing of land surrounding lake
Endorsements: Registered item of National Estate

Statement of Heritage Significance:

Nearie Lake Nature Reserve encompasses Lake Nearie, a small overflow lake on the Anabranch of the Darling River and is subject to flooding from the Menindee Lake storage scheme. It supports a complex patten of vegetation including natural grassland, shrub steps, red gums, mallee and acacia. Stands of Black Box occupy the drainage depressions and provide nesting sites for arboreal nesting waterfowl. The reserve provided an excellent habitat for kangaroos, including the Western Grey, the Red Kangaroo and the Wallaroo.


Conservation by inclusion in the Local Environmental Plan as being environmentally sensitive.

Register of the National Estate

Recording Date: 20/11/1987

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