Name: Darling Bridge, Pooncarie
Location: Menindee Road, Pooncarie (Darling)
Use: Road Bridge
Constructed: 1963
Demolished: 0
Theme: Transport and Communication
Condition: Good

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The Department of Main Roads describes the bridge as being some 100 metres long, 7 metres wide and consisting of one 20 metre long calendar – Hamilton type span with three 15 metre composite steel and concrete approach spans on the eastern side and one similar span on the western side.

The bridge constructed over the Darling river, replaced a punt which began operation on 1941. Continued road improvements around Pooncarie at the time and subsequent additional road traffic between Broken Hill and the Murray towns instigated construction of the bridge. It is the only bridge crossing over the Darling River between Wentworth and Menindee. The bridge prevents the passage of riverboats due to its limiting height.


Lans & Smith ‘History of Pooncarie and District’

Recording Date: 16/11/1988

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