Name: Tarcoola Homestead
Location: Tarcoola Station, Wentworth Road, Pooncarie (Darling)
Use: Homestead, vacant
Constructed: 1880
Demolished: 0
Theme: Agriculture
Condition: Fair

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The small homestead consists of two dwellings constructed of timber frame and corrugated iron. The portion facing the Darling River is a single room with low gable roof and bullnose verandah supported by turned verandah posts. This section of the dwelling is lined with fluted iron. At the rear, an addition of 4 rooms, is surrounded by a wisteria covered trellis. A covered walkway extends form the dwelling, whoever the previously attached building has been removed.

William Campbell is regarded as the first owner of the Tarcoola run in 1848, sometimes referred to as “Campbells” on earlier maps. During their 1860 Victorian Overland expedition, Burke and Wills reached the Darling at Tarcoola and set up camp where they loaded some baggage onto the steamer ‘Moolgewanke’ which transported to Meindee.

Charles Nicholson officially took up the run in 1851, which was about 30,000 acres and a grazing capability of 4,000 sheep. John Phelps took over the run in 1857. By 1882 the station covered an area of more than 1 million acres. The Darchys managed Tarcoola for the Phelps Bothers and later the Australian Mortgage, Land and Finance Company. In 1881-82, twenty one workmen were employed at Tarcoola. In 1918 the Tarcoola lease expired and was divided into 10 leases ranging from 14,000 to 35,000 acres. The AML & F moved the stations headquarters to Arumpo taking materials and buildings form Tarcoola.

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Lans & Smith, ‘History of Pooncarie & District”

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