Name: Wharf Site, Wentworth
Location: Public Recreation reserve R84700, Darling River, Wentworth
Use: Recreation Reserve (Wharf)
Constructed: 1879
Demolished: 1983
Theme: Transport and Communication
Condition: Demolished

Statement of Heritage Significance:

The wharf site is marked by an attractive grassed recreation area and a Cairn identifying the historical significance of the site. Large River Red Gums and remnant wharf timber surround the Cairn. The park provides a mooring point for visiting houseboats.

The Wentworth wharf was constructed of local timber in 1879, enabling the mooring, maintenance, loading and unloading or riverboats and steamships until their demise in the mid 20th century. The wharf provided the focus of activity for the Wentworth township and shire and enabled Wentworth to operate as one of Australia’s busiest ports. The site marks one of the most significant eras in Wentworths history and should be preserved

Maintain the site as a picnic and mooring facility. Provide additional educational information about the wharf. Investigate the possibility of reconstructing a portion of the wharf as a replica of its original form to provide historical, educational and tourist significance to the site

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Recording Date: 29/11/1988

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