Saluting the Service of Wentworth’s People

Wentworth Historical Society, encouraged by Rosemary Bruce-Mullins, proposed to publish a book that records and acknowledges the service and lives of military personnel from the Wentworth NSW region. The book was intended to cover the service of personnel for all relevant conflicts from the Boer War through to Vietnam and currently serving personnel.

The book will provide a valuable resource to researchers and military historians.

Thanks to Rosemary’s excellent submission, a grant of $10,000 for the project was approved in June 2020, made possible by The Department of Veteran’s Affairs ‘Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program’. Her initial research identified around 600 names that would be included in the project. As the work progressed and significantly more information came to light, the number rose to about 1600 persons to be researched and recorded. Due to this overwhelming increase, the period for project completion was stretched out from April 2021, to November 2021, November 2022 and a final extension to June 2023.

During the research process, Rosemary and Tony Bruce-Mullins made two trips to the National War Memorial to open and interrogate service files and to find additional information.

After Rosemary’s death in August 2022, with most of the research completed and compiled (what an achievement), the remaining members of the Historical Society’s team completed the final work to bring this book to publication.

Hard cover books will be available to purchase on the day for $50 or can be posted for an additional fee. An eBook is also available for $30.

Book Launch – Saluting the Service of Wentworth’s People

Date: Wednesday 28 June 2023 at 10:30am

Location: Wentworth Library, 23 Murray Street, Wentworth NSW 2648

Light refreshments will be available

For catering purposes, please RSVP by: Monday 19 June 2023 to Wentworth Shire Library

P: (03) 5027 5060


Please leave your details including name, contact number and the number of attendees you will bring to the book launch.


The NSW Government’s innovative $12.5 million Regional Leakage Reduction Program keeps kicking goals, with more councils joining up and seeing incredible water savings. 

The Department of Planning and Environment’s Manager of Water Efficiency Programs Jethro Laidlaw said work on Phase 2 of the Active Leak Detection Project is getting underway at Wentworth Shire Council to pinpoint exactly where pipes, meters and valves need to be patched up.    

“This program has already located a mind-boggling 4.7 billion litres of water leaking from network infrastructure across the state each year which rams home the message that even though we’ve had plenty of rain in recent times, we can’t relax when it comes to looking after our most precious resource,” Mr Laidlaw said. 

“Our experts teams use cutting-edge technology such as high-powered listening devices to zero in, isolate and confirm the leak before calling in the Council cavalry to get it repaired. 

“The numbers speak for themselves. We’ve surveyed more than 6400kms of water mains and saved a staggering 2.3 billion litres of water in partnership with local councils which shows just how valuable this project is in terms of maximising water efficiency across regional NSW.” 

Nearly 200km of mains across Wentworth Shire Council will be covered in this latest work thanks to $32,500 from the NSW Government.  

Mayor of Wentworth Shire Council Tim Elstone said it’s a huge win for residents. 

“Fixing leaky pipes and damaged infrastructure preserves water and improves reliability for Wentworth Shire ratepayers, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in pumping and treatment costs,” Councilor Elstone said.

“As Mayor of Wentworth Shire and an advocate for water reliability, partnering with the state government to get this work done is a great opportunity to have our communities on the front foot when it comes to water efficiency.”

Phase 1 and 2 of the project has involved 34 local government areas and 25 Aboriginal communities, with dozens more councils in the pipeline. 

The Active Leak Detection Project is part of the NSW Government’s three-year, $12.5 million Regional Leakage Reduction Program. 

For more information, visit:

Restrictions eased for Gol Gol & Buronga – Stage 1 Water Restrictions

Wentworth Shire Council wish to advise customers in the Gol Gol and Buronga townships that water restrictions have now been eased to Stage 1 water restrictions, effective immediately, following works undertaken at the Gol Gol raw water pump station this week. The emergency use restrictions implemented on Wednesday 1 February 2023 no longer apply.

Wentworth Shire Council appreciate the continued support of customers to follow the eased water restrictions which will allow storage levels to be maintained during this time of low river levels.

Lawns & Gardens can be watered:

  • manually during the times; 6:00am to 8:00am and 8:00pm to 10:00pm on alternate days
  • with an automatic watering system only as required between 12:00am and 4:00am on alternate days

Regular updates will be provided by the Wentworth Shire Council website, social media channels and print.

For further information on Stage 1 Water Restrictions, visit

Wentworth Transfer Station to reopen

Wentworth Shire Council wishes to advise the community that the Wentworth Transfer Station will re-open on Sunday 5 February 2023, after a prolonged closure due to flooding.

The Transfer Station was closed on Monday 21 November 2022 due to flood impacts, causing residents to travel further for the disposal of waste. Wentworth Shire Council extends their apology to the community for this inconvenience and commends residents for their patience and support.

Located at 240 Pooncarie Road, Wentworth, the Transfer Station will be open each Wednesday (9:00am – 1:00pm), Friday (1:00pm – 4:30pm) and Sunday (9:00am – 2:00pm).

General waste and the recycling of scrap metal, oil, green waste and cardboard are available.

Other waste facilities in the Wentworth Shire include Buronga Landfill, Dareton Transfer Station Pooncarie Landfill and the Pomona Tip. For further information including opening hours and waste fees, visit

Fibre Optic Symphonic Orchestra to unlock regional transformation in Wentworth

Deputy Premier Paul Toole visited the Wentworth region on 31 January to announce the Fibre Optic Symphonic Orchestra (FOSO) light art installation which will form the NSW side of the Light/State project.

This will be a light art installation combining sound and colour to reflect the unique environment and regional culture through an ambient orchestral light exhibition. The artist responsible for the installation is Bruce Munro, the internationally renowned artist known for the Field of Light at Uluru. The FOSO exhibition in Wentworth and the Trail of Lights at Lake Cullulleraine will form the Light/State project.

Wentworth Shire Council partnering with Mildura Regional Development were successful in securing $4.99 million of funding as part of the Regional Tourism Activation Fund (Round 2), plus an additional $1.26 million from other contributors, bringing the total project to $6.25 million. The project is currently in the procurement stage and installation is likely to be completed in July 2024.

The FOSO installation involves 108 light columns made from cylindrical arrays of fibre optic cables, which encircle an iconic rotary clothes line, the Hill’s Hoist. Measuring 2 metres high and 5 metres in diameter, these colours will be accentuated and timed to the music, to create a unique melodic experience. The installation will measure approximately 220 metres wide and allow access for visitors of all abilities. Furthermore, 30 local volunteers from the arts and entertainment sector will have the opportunity to work with Bruce Munro and assist in the installation of FOSO.

A combination of elevated vantage points will highlight the exhibition grandeur at scale and walk through trails will unlock an immersive experience, with lights programmed to change in colour and brightness in sync with an accompanying symphonic soundtrack.

The light art installation will be supported by infrastructure such as roads, public transport, parking spaces and 15 glamping sites in addition to enabling amenities and food stalls or trucks to be a permanent fixture. Indigenous music will also be a feature of the FOSO project, with musical scores and traditional instruments being central to the soundtrack.

Wentworth Shire Council Mayor Tim Elstone said “I am looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition, not only for its economic value but to experience the translation of this amazing concept into the community.”

“By creating a new exciting attraction for all the world to see it is hoped that this will inspire our creative community and help provide further cultural opportunities into the future,” Cr Elstone said.

Mildura Regional Development CEO, Brett Millington added “We’re excited to be able to deliver the whole project of Light/State, which we know will add value to our regional economy and build on further cross-border opportunities.”

The FOSO project will attract an estimated 178,200 new visitors and encourage regional visitation. Through the construction of this infrastructure, the project will inject over $53 million into the local economy and support Wentworth’s tourism, retail and commercial industries – unlocking regional transformation.

Wentworth Showgrounds Community Pavilion Officially Opened by Deputy Premier Paul Toole

The Wentworth Showgrounds Community Pavilion was officially opened by Deputy Premier Paul Toole on 31 January 2023.

The new building, completed in December 2020, replaces the old Barrett Pavilion which served the community for 114 years.

The pavilion will be used by the Wentworth Show Society, several community groups and the broader public.

“On behalf of all Wentworth Showground users, we are really thankful for the funding we have received. This building will be used by all groups and the broader public. It is a great asset not only to the Wentworth Show Society but the whole community” Wentworth Shire Mayor, Cr Tim Elstone said.

Features of the new pavilion include ample meeting and display space, a large kitchen, disabled toilets and plenty of outdoor cover in the event of rain.

“In 2016, a sub-committee of the Wentworth Show Society was formed and given the task of performing all the groundwork towards the fantastic building we are opening today. We thank those people for all their determination, diligence and hard work and look forward to the community enjoying the fruits of their labour for decades to come.”

“At the 2022 Wentworth Show, the Pavilion was used for the first time, after the Show Stewards had thought long and hard on how to fit the Pavilion out with equipment needed to display their sections. The Pavilion looked and worked incredibly well,” Wentworth Show Society President Sholto Douglas said.

Funding for the project came from various sources including a $450,000 grant from the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund, Wentworth Show Society’s own funds, Wentworth Shire Council, Wentworth and District Community Bank – Bendigo Bank, RZ Resources (formerly Relentless Resources) and the Dawes family, bringing the total funds to $1.1 million for the project.

There were also donations from the local community to assist with the fit out of the building.

L-R: Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone, Deputy Premier Paul Toole, Mayor of Edward River Shire Council Cr Peta Betts and Wentworth Show Society President Sholto Douglas.

Emergency Water Restrictions to be implemented in Gol Gol and Buronga

Wentworth Shire Council advise customers in the Gol Gol and Buronga townships that water supply emergency use restrictions are imposed, effective immediately, until further notice.

Water may only be used for internal domestic use. No external use is permitted for town filtered or raw water in Gol Gol and Buronga townships. This includes automatic sprinklers which must be turned off during this emergency restriction period. Swimming pools are prohibited from being topped up via automatic or manual means during the emergency period.

Extremely low water levels in the Murray River at these locations has impacted on the ability to meet demand for town supplies.

Wentworth Shire Council recognises the inconvenience this may place on customers however by restricting water use now, the ability to maintain storage levels during this time of low river levels will be optimised.

Wentworth Shire Council crews are working around the clock and community support of these restrictions is crucial to ensure the existing drinking water supplies are maintained.

Regular updates will be provided by the Wentworth Shire Council website, social medial channels, radio and print.

General Manager, Mr Ken Ross said, “Supplying our customers with safe drinking water and maintaining drinking water supplies remain our priority and we thank customers for their co-operation.”

For further information on extremely low water levels in the Murray River and weir re-instatement, visit

Wentworth Aerodrome officially opened by Deputy Premier Paul Toole

Wentworth Aerodrome has been officially opened by Deputy Premier Paul Toole on 31 January 2023.

Wentworth Shire Council was successful in securing $8.42 million of funding from Restart NSW (Regional Growth: Economic Activation Fund – Growing Local Economies Program) in 2019 to provide an all-weather, 24 hour access facility with the capacity for Code 2B Aircraft (15-21 seat planes).

With a $700,000 contribution from Wentworth Shire Council, this brings the combined total for the project to $9.12 million.

The upgrade project included the construction of a new sealed runway, taxiway and apron, aircraft parking areas and the installation of pilot activated lighting. The Civil Construction components of the project were carried out by Wentworth Shire Council staff and project managed by Council. This enabled considerable budget savings.

Additional works on the Wentworth Aerodrome Upgrade commenced in September 2021 following approval from funding body Restart NSW to utilise the project’s savings to upgrade the facility’s secondary runway.

These works included the construction, sealing and installation of AGL lighting to the remaining 600m length of runway 17/35 with the capacity for Code 2B aircraft.

The Wentworth Aerodrome Upgrade Project was completed in January 2022, with operators making full use of the facilities ever since. All works have been completed in accordance with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) national standards.

This upgrade will support the rural and remote emergency and air freight networks, cater for larger charter aircraft used by the mining and government sectors, as well as cater to air charter tours for international and domestic visitors. This will enable better access to Mungo National Park, the iconic Murray & Darling River Junction and other tourist attractions in the area.

In addition, Deputy Premier Paul Toole announced at the official opening of the Wentworth Aerodrome that $176,108 of funding from the Stronger Country Communities Fund Round Five has been secured to upgrade the airport hangars.

“This will allow the aerodrome to run power to all aircraft hangers, as well as install an automated gate to the tarmac, boosting security for users and increasing the appeal for local aviation businesses. The funding will also allow for the purchase and installation of area navigation equipment, bringing the aerodrome into the 21st century and making take-off and landing safer for pilots.” Mr Toole said.


Wentworth Shire Council has welcomed three new citizens to Australia and announced the Australia Day Award winners at their Ceremony held at the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club in Dareton on 25 January 2023.

The Australia Day 2023 Awards had very worthy nominees, each of whom have made outstanding contributions to the community through volunteering, sports, culture and the environment. Nominees for the Citizen of the Year award included Ross Hall, Clair Bates, Gwen Wilkinson and Jan White.

The Wentworth Shire Council 2023 Citizen of the year is Gwen Wilkinson. Gwen is a Life Member of the Gol Gol Rural Fire Service, a wildlife carer for almost 35 years with Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group and an extremely active member at the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens since 2012.

Other award winners on the night included Daniel Hawkins, Young Citizen of the Year, Bec Marshall Sportsperson of the Year, Kalesita Burton Young Sportsperson of the Year.

Mayor Tim Elstone also conferred citizenship on Miss Anna Kuus, Mrs Brooke Mobilio and Ms Ludivina Macalla.

Mayor of Wentworth Shire, Cr Tim Elstone said “On behalf of the Wentworth Shire community, I warmly welcome our new citizens to the Wentworth Shire and to Australia. I also congratulate the 2023 award winners and of course, all of the deserving nominees. I would also like to acknowledge those who took the time to submit such worthy nominations. In addition, I would like to thank our Australia Day Ambassador, Dr. Clio Cresswell and Senator Perin Davey for being part of our celebrations. It was a pleasure to have them attend.

2023 Australia Day Award Winners – – pictured with Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone, Senator Perin Davey & Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Cresswell
2023 Citizen of the Year Nominees – pictured with Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone & Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Cresswell
Sportsperson of the Year – Rebecca (Bec) Marshal – pictured with Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone & Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Cresswell
Young Citizen of the Year – Daniel Hawkins – pictured with Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone & Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Cresswell
Young Sportsperson of the Year – Kalesita Burton – – pictured with Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone & Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Cresswell
Citizen of the Year Nominee – Jan White – pictured with Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone & Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Cresswell
Senator Perin Davey & Cr Daniel Linklater Deputy Mayor for Wentworth Shire Council
Citizen of the Year – Ross Hall – pictured with Mayor of Wentworth Shire Cr Tim Elstone & Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Cresswell

Wentworth Shire to welcome new citizens

Three Wentworth Shire residents will become its newest citizens during a special citizenship ceremony at Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club in Dareton this Australia Day Eve, Wednesday 25 January 2023 from 6:00pm.

Wentworth Shire Mayor, Cr Tim Elstone said: “Our new will join thousands of other Australians who are celebrating their citizenship. They will contribute their skills and cultural diversity to our local community, and enrich it through their hard work and participation in public life.”

Mayor Elstone will preside over the ceremony, which will also include the Australia Day Awards Ceremony and a Welcome to Country by Arthur Kirby from Barkindji Maraura Elders Environment Team (BMEET).

Other events to celebrate Australia Day on Thursday 26 January 2023 will include:

Breakfast in the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

A breakfast cooked by the Buronga Gol Gol Lions Club in the picturesque Australian Inland Botanic Gardens commencing from 8:00am.

Pooncarie – Breakfast in Pioneers Memorial Park

The Pooncarie and District Development Association will hold a breakfast in Pioneers Memorial Park, Pooncarie commencing from 8:00am.

Dareton Community Brunch in the Park

The Dareton Coomealla Namatjira Community Action Group will hold a brunch in Tapio Park, Dareton commencing from 10:00am.

“I encourage everyone to not only enjoy Australia Day festivities, but to take time and reflect on what it means to be an Australian citizen. Think about how you can become more involved with your local community, to help make it a better place every day,” said Mayor Elstone.

For more information about Australia Day activities in Wentworth Shire, visit the Experience Wentworth website at:

For more information about Australian citizenship (including eligibility criteria and application process) and our shared values, visit