Lower speed limits in Wentworth town centre to boost pedestrian safety

The speed limit on the Silver City Highway and six local roads in the Wentworth town centre will be reduced to create a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists. 

Transport for NSW conducted a review of a 650-metre section of the Silver City Highway where it passes through Wentworth CBD – along with Darling, Helena, Sandwych, Adams, Wharf and Adelaide streets – to determine if a high pedestrian activity area should be established. 

Transport for NSW Regional Director West Alistair Lunn said Wentworth Shire Council had requested the review which was carried out in accordance with state speed zoning standards, with a particular emphasis on pedestrian access, safety and community amenity. 

“The Silver City Highway is an important western freight route linking Broken Hill, Mildura and beyond, while Wentworth sits on a tourist route as one of the key locations to access the Mungo National Park and other destinations in far west NSW,” Mr Lunn said. 

“The highway through Wentworth attracts a lot of traffic, including many heavy vehicles, and is also a busy pedestrian area right in the centre of town. 

“The review found the introduction of a high pedestrian activity area with a 40 km/h speed limit for all vehicles would boost safety for all road users and pedestrians in the area. The speed on the highway section of the review area will see a 20 km/h reduction from the existing 60 km/h limit. 

“The high pedestrian area will also be expanded to include six local roads – Darling, Helena, Sandwych, Adams, Wharf and Adelaide streets – to recognise the town centre’s popularity as a gathering place for local residents and tourists.” 
The new speed limits will come into effect on Thursday 20 June and new signage will be installed to advise motorists and pedestrians of the changes. 

“The speed zone change will have a minimal impact on travel times for motorists passing through Wentworth but will deliver a great safety boost for road users and pedestrians in the area,” Mr Lunn said. 
Members of the community can sign up here to receive the latest updates on speed limits changes in their nominated area and to have their say on speed limits. 

The above Media Release has been sourced from the Transport for NSW website.

Major Reconstruction and Upgrade of Arumpo Road Set to Begin

Major Reconstruction and Upgrade of Arumpo Road Set to Begin

Wentworth Shire Council in partnership with the Australian Government, is excited to announce the upcoming commencement of the Arumpo Road Reconstruction and Upgrade project. Scheduled to begin in April 2024, this significant undertaking is part of the Remote Roads Upgrade Pilot Program and is funded on an 80/20 basis by the Australian Government and Council.

Details of the Project:

Arumpo Road is slated for a significant 24.52km upgrade, which will extend the existing sealed section of the road. This comprehensive enhancement includes initial survey and design work, followed by extensive earthworks aimed at restoring the road’s base and enhancing its drainage systems. The reconstruction will involve the application of a 150mm sub-base and a 150mm basecourse, which will further extend the all-weather access capabilities of Arumpo Road, although not the entire road will be all-weather accessible.

Additional enhancements will include the application of a two-coat bitumen seal, extending the road’s life and improving its condition. The project also plans to incorporate new line marking, which is crucial for enhancing road safety and aiding navigation for all users.

Funding and Schedule:

Jointly funded by Wentworth Shire Council and the Australian Government, this project exemplifies a collaborative approach to regional infrastructure development. The reconstruction and upgrade work on Arumpo Road is scheduled to commence in April 2024 and is projected to be completed in early 2025.

Anticipated Outcomes:

The upgrade of Arumpo Road is expected to significantly enhance the safety, functionality, and efficiency of this key transport route, offering lasting benefits to the region. The improvements will not only enhance connectivity but also support economic growth and improve the overall travel experience for both residents and visitors.

Commencement of Upgrade for Dareton to Namatjira Sharedway Footpath

Commencement of Upgrade for Dareton to Namatjira Sharedway Footpath

Wentworth Shire Council is pleased to inform the community that the previously announced upgrade of the Dareton to Namatjira Sharedway Footpath is set to commence in March 2024. This vital initiative, joint funded by Council and Transport for NSW (NSW Government) through Get NSW Active 2023/24, is a significant step in enhancing regional infrastructure and community wellbeing.

Project Overview:

The Dareton to Namatjira Sharedway Footpath upgrade, announced in 2023, involves several enhancements. The project features the construction of a new 2.5 metre wide asphalt path from the intersection of Hawdon Street and Tapio Street to Namatjira Avenue, designed to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. The existing concrete path between Pump Station Road and Tallawalla Road will also be widened to better manage increasing foot traffic.

Key safety enhancements include the installation of solar lighting along the sharedway, providing illumination during all hours and improving visibility. Additionally, the placement of bench seating along the path will offer rest points for users, thereby enhancing the overall amenity of the sharedway.

Expected Outcomes and Timeline:

The upgrade is expected to significantly improve the functionality and safety of the sharedway, aligning with Council’s commitment to community infrastructure. The project, set to begin in March 2024, will positively impact the community’s quality of life and safety.

Wentworth Shire Council is committed to the successful and timely execution of this important project. The upgrade demonstrates a strong commitment to regional development and public infrastructure improvement.

2023 Mayoral Election Results

Wentworth Shire Council has formally elected Councillor Daniel Linklater as Mayor and Councillor Susan Nichols as Deputy Mayor during the Ordinary Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20 September.

The former Mayor of Wentworth Shire, Councillor Tim Elstone was congratulated by Mayor Linklater on his time in the role.

“Tim is a consummate community man and for the last 7 years has served as either Deputy or Mayor. Councillor Elstone has led us through the recent flood experience, which I don’t believe like anyone else could in this room. It was a 7 day a week commitment and the community thanks you for that. I also thank you for your encouragement to me and your mentoring, I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

“I would like to thank the chamber for your support, it is really humbling to be elected by this community and an honour to be supported by my peers here. It is my intention to serve as collaboratively as possible.” Councillor Linklater said.

Former Mayor Elstone who held the role of Mayor from 10 January 2022, and Deputy Mayor since 2016, commended his fellow Councillors for their involvement and participation during his term with Council.

Councillor Jane MacAllister stood against fellow Councillor Daniel Linklater for the Mayoral role and against Councillor Susan Nichols for nomination of Deputy Mayor.

Council will next meet on Wednesday 18 October from 7:00pm at the Wentworth Shire Council Chambers.

To view the Councillors of Wentworth Shire Council, visit: https://www.wentworth.nsw.gov.au/…/about…/councillors/

Wentworth Shire celebrates new Australian Citizens

Planet Ark’s Schools Tree Day – 28 July 2023

Location: Wentworth Ski Reserve

Local students from Pomona and Wentworth Public Schools were encouraged to get out of the classroom and into nature for Planet Ark’s National Tree Day organised by Vanessa Anderson, Regional Landcare Coordinator – Schools (Wentworth based) for Western Landcare NSW.

Students planted 140 native trees and shrubs on Friday 28 July 2023, with a student from Pomona Public School saying “We are planting trees to create oxygen for the environment and want to make things beautiful again.”

The 140 native plants, consisting of Kangaroo Paw, Grevilleas, native grasses, bushes and ground covers were sourced from the growAbility Nursery in Mildura. Councillor Brian Beaumont for Wentworth Shire Council was also in attendance, getting his hands dirty to plant some trees in the flood impacted Wentworth Ski Reserve.

Vanessa Anderson said she is proud to be part of the community, engaging with children in schools and teaching about the importance of the connection with the environment.

She encourages the community to volunteer some time for the National Tree Day Planting on Sunday 6 August from 10:00am – 2:00pm, Cnr Silver City Highway & Pomona Road, Wentworth. Lunch available at the Pomona Hall, supported by Pomona Public School P&C. Bring along your hat, water bottle, gardening gloves and make your effort count!

Since 1996, over 26,000,000 trees have been planted with more than 3,000 preschools, kindergartens, primary and high school students participating nationwide on Schools Tree Day.

To learn more, visit https://treeday.planetark.org/


The NSW Government’s innovative $12.5 million Regional Leakage Reduction Program keeps kicking goals, with more councils joining up and seeing incredible water savings. 

The Department of Planning and Environment’s Manager of Water Efficiency Programs Jethro Laidlaw said work on Phase 2 of the Active Leak Detection Project is getting underway at Wentworth Shire Council to pinpoint exactly where pipes, meters and valves need to be patched up.    

“This program has already located a mind-boggling 4.7 billion litres of water leaking from network infrastructure across the state each year which rams home the message that even though we’ve had plenty of rain in recent times, we can’t relax when it comes to looking after our most precious resource,” Mr Laidlaw said. 

“Our experts teams use cutting-edge technology such as high-powered listening devices to zero in, isolate and confirm the leak before calling in the Council cavalry to get it repaired. 

“The numbers speak for themselves. We’ve surveyed more than 6400kms of water mains and saved a staggering 2.3 billion litres of water in partnership with local councils which shows just how valuable this project is in terms of maximising water efficiency across regional NSW.” 

Nearly 200km of mains across Wentworth Shire Council will be covered in this latest work thanks to $32,500 from the NSW Government.  

Mayor of Wentworth Shire Council Tim Elstone said it’s a huge win for residents. 

“Fixing leaky pipes and damaged infrastructure preserves water and improves reliability for Wentworth Shire ratepayers, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in pumping and treatment costs,” Councilor Elstone said.

“As Mayor of Wentworth Shire and an advocate for water reliability, partnering with the state government to get this work done is a great opportunity to have our communities on the front foot when it comes to water efficiency.”

Phase 1 and 2 of the project has involved 34 local government areas and 25 Aboriginal communities, with dozens more councils in the pipeline. 

The Active Leak Detection Project is part of the NSW Government’s three-year, $12.5 million Regional Leakage Reduction Program. 

For more information, visit:   https://water.dpie.nsw.gov.au/plans-and-programs/water-efficiency/regional-leakage-reduction-program

Wentworth Transfer Station to reopen

Wentworth Shire Council wishes to advise the community that the Wentworth Transfer Station will re-open on Sunday 5 February 2023, after a prolonged closure due to flooding.

The Transfer Station was closed on Monday 21 November 2022 due to flood impacts, causing residents to travel further for the disposal of waste. Wentworth Shire Council extends their apology to the community for this inconvenience and commends residents for their patience and support.

Located at 240 Pooncarie Road, Wentworth, the Transfer Station will be open each Wednesday (9:00am – 1:00pm), Friday (1:00pm – 4:30pm) and Sunday (9:00am – 2:00pm).

General waste and the recycling of scrap metal, oil, green waste and cardboard are available.

Other waste facilities in the Wentworth Shire include Buronga Landfill, Dareton Transfer Station Pooncarie Landfill and the Pomona Tip. For further information including opening hours and waste fees, visit www.wentworth.nsw.gov.au/health-environment/waste-management