Wentworth Aerodrome/ADFA Group Flight Training Proposal – UPDATE 13 September 2023

Wentworth Shire Council will meet with submission makers whom have submitted concerns for the ADFA Group proposal, involving the use of Wentworth Aerodrome for circuit training of cadet pilots. The discussion between associated parties will be held on a date that is yet to be set.

Following recent public conjecture regarding the proposal, Wentworth Shire Council will further discuss with submission makers individually, giving the opportunity to present their positions on the matter.

This process will evaluate all sides of the proposal, to determine:

  • benefits for the Wentworth community and sustainability of Wentworth Aerodrome operations,
  • local tourism attraction impacts and opportunities,

Please note that the pre-mentioned proposal from ADFA Group will not be presented to Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting at 7:00pm, Wednesday 20 September 2023.

Council will meet for a formal Council resolution regarding the matter at a later date, once each submission has been presented for Council consideration.