Wentworth Aerodrome/ADFA Group Flight Training Proposal

Wentworth Shire Council is in receipt of a Commercial in Confidence document from the Aerodynamic Flight Academy Group (ADFA), requesting consideration of a proposal for limited usage for a 3 month trial period of Wentworth Aerodrome for flight training purposes.

The ADFA Group is a conglomeration of four flight training schools, being Pearson Aviation, Air Queensland, Clamback and Hennessey, and the Aerodynamic Flight Academy (also known as ADFA). All these schools operate together under one entity, the ADFA Group, under the authority of CASA Air Operators Certificates, and approvals to conduct Part 141 and 142 Flight Training.

Following recent public conjecture regarding the matter, Wentworth Shire Council and ADFA Group have agreed to share certain details of the proposition to Wentworth Shire residents.

The ADFA Group proposes to establish a user agreement with Council for the purpose of pilot training at Wentworth Aerodrome.

Under this proposal, two aircraft would conduct circuit training from Wentworth Aerodrome over an estimated 200 days of the year. The proposed training is nominated to be conducted on weekdays only.

Accompanying the request is a draft Fly Neighbourly Policy with aspects of hours of operation, air traffic safety and noise considerations would complement the agreement if implemented.

Should adequate detail be available, the matter will be presented to Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting at 7:00pm, Wednesday 20 September 2023 in Council Chambers, Wentworth.