Name: The Paddlewheel Hotel (Gol Gol Inn)
Location: Sturt Highway, Gol Gol
Use: Hotel
Constructed: 1877
Demolished: 0
Theme: Commerce
Condition: Considerably Altered

Statement of Heritage Significance:


The Gol Gol Inn was constructed by John Little Thompson as a simple log cabin. The hotel was an important refreshment site for the Mail Change Coaches. The hotel played a vital role in the local community, housing some of Gol Gol’s most notable residents such as the Wilkinson family who held the licence to the Inn for 56 years. The appearance of the Inn has changed dramatically from the timber room to todays brick structure. At the rear there is evidence of the brick facade which first clad the building in the 1920’s. The Hotel is significant to the development of Gol Gol.

Encourage restoration. Reinstate a verandah

Voullaire K, ‘Gol Gol’

Recording Date: 15/11/1988

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