Effluent Disposal Stations are available at Wentworth, Dareton and Buronga.

Buronga Riverboat Pumpout Station (EDS)BurongaUSER INSTRUCTIONS
• The key system is temporarily disabled. Users are not required to swipe their key to activate the pump.
• To use the facility, connect the hose to your outlet, check the valve (handle) on both ends of the hose is in the open position (parallel with the hose).
• Press the green button on the control board to start the pump.
• Once your tank is empty, press the red button to stop the pump.
• Close both valves on the hose and disconnect from your vessel. The valve is in the closed position when it is perpendicular to the hose.

Do not leave the pump unattended or let the pump run dry.
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Dareton Riverboat Pumpout Station (EDS)DaretonOpen for pumping
Note: No Raw water available for boats
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Wentworth Riverboat Pumpout Station (EDS)WentworthUSER INSTRUCTIONS
1. Connect the blue hose to the effluent camlock on your vessel and open the valve.
2. Follow the instructions on the payment terminal:
a. Press 1 to commence the process
b. Press ENT to acknowledge the notice
c. Tap your card or phone against the small payment terminal – a $34 transaction will be undertaken.
3. A pre walk timer will start and automatically prime the pumping system. Hold your finger on the green start button till the main pump starts.
4. Monitor the check / sight tube by the hose stand. When the tank is nearly empty, the flow will intermittently start and stop, triggering a 90 second post walk timer. If the system records insufficient flow, the transaction will end when the timer runs out.
5. If you have multiple tanks, press stop as your first tank is nearly empty, transfer the effluent hose to the second camlock and press start to commence pumping. You’ll have approximately 90 seconds to transfer your hose after you press stop.
6. If possible, it is recommended to flush water through the system via the freshwater pump on the pontoon.
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