World Wetlands Day

Tour of Gol Gol Wetlands

Wentworth Shire Councillors celebrated #WorldWetlandsDay on Thursday 2 February with a tour of the Gol Gol Primary School Environmental & Cultural Immersion Centre and Gol Gol Wetlands.

The Gol Gol Wetlands, consist of Gol Gol Lake and Gol Gol Swamp, connected via Gol Gol Creek off the Murray River.

Wentworth Shire Council commends all attendees of the day for coming together and discussing the importance of refilling local wetlands and the partnerships of Traditional Land Owners and Government to rejuvenate the land.

Among the attendees were representatives of the Barkindji Maraura Elders Environment Team (BMEET), WaterNSW, Gol Gol Community Reference Group, Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group, Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, NSW DPE, Western Landcare, Western Local Land Services, Murray Off-road Adventures, NSW Crown Lands, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water and other local community groups.