New license application process for asbestos and demolition

The NSW Government is making it easier and faster to apply for asbestos and demolition licences in NSW by digitising the application process.  

The new, easy-to-use digital application will save individuals and businesses time by reducing the number of steps and the amount of paperwork needed, and moving away from postal applications. 

Applicants will still need to book an appointment at a Service NSW Centre to prove their identity in person within 30 days of submitting the application. 

The new digital process only applies to new asbestos and demolition licence applications. For renewals, licence holders will need to follow the previous process.  

Which licences does this affect?  


  • Class A friable asbestos. 
  • Class A friable asbestos fire doors and safes only.  
  • Class B non-friable asbestos.  


  • Demolition licence (DE1). 
  • Restricted demolition licence (DE2). 

How to apply 

To view the eligibility criteria, including relevant certification and proof of identity documentation, and to apply for a new asbestos removal licence, visit:

For demolition licence applications, visit: