SecureEnergy Milestone – First camp and laydown underway

SecureEnergy has hit the ground running commencing one of the first milestones of the EnergyConnect Project with the construction of the first camp and laydown area in Buronga, NSW.

The camp and laydown area is nearly 30 hectares in size and when complete in early November will house up to 400 employees.

The site is currently being prepared to house 200 modules, with office space for 70 desks and a laydown yard that will hold site deliveries, general yard operations, a main office and a range of heavy vehicles.

The main office compound and camp buildings are already starting to roll in, with camp provider APC commencing deliveries from South Australia. 

This camp is one of six camps and seven laydown areas that will accommodate over 1,450 staff for the 700km build.

Local communities from the SA border to Buronga can expect to see construction activities ramp up as SecureEnergy gets on with building Project EnergyConnect – Australia’s largest transmission line.