NSW Government’s Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme

SecureEnergy is doing its bit for the environment with its workforce participating in a popular recycling initiative.

SecureEnergy has been contracted by Transgrid to deliver part of EnergyConnect with the construction of 700km of new power lines from the SA border to the regional energy hub of Wagga Wagga.

At the Buronga camp near Wentworth, the team has recycled a whopping 29,000 eligible containers including cans, bottles and cartons as part of the NSW Government’s Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme, preventing all those containers from ending up in landfill.

SecureEnergy Environment Manager, Catherine Curlewis said this is a fantastic result.

“The Environment team has worked hard at educating our workforce and making sure the recycling containers are accessible to everyone. As a result, we now want to give back to the local community,” said Ms Curlewis.

“We are looking at making a donation to a local based charity or not-for-profit organisation that focuses on re-vegetation using some of the funds received from the recycling program.”

Not-for-profit organisations are encouraged to contact SecureEnergy Environmental Manager Catherine Curlewis by email: ccurlewis@elecnor.es

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For further information on the NSW Government Return & Earn Container deposit scheme, visit the link below.