Major Reconstruction and Upgrade of Arumpo Road Set to Begin

Major Reconstruction and Upgrade of Arumpo Road Set to Begin

Wentworth Shire Council in partnership with the Australian Government, is excited to announce the upcoming commencement of the Arumpo Road Reconstruction and Upgrade project. Scheduled to begin in April 2024, this significant undertaking is part of the Remote Roads Upgrade Pilot Program and is funded on an 80/20 basis by the Australian Government and Council.

Details of the Project:

Arumpo Road is slated for a significant 24.52km upgrade, which will extend the existing sealed section of the road. This comprehensive enhancement includes initial survey and design work, followed by extensive earthworks aimed at restoring the road’s base and enhancing its drainage systems. The reconstruction will involve the application of a 150mm sub-base and a 150mm basecourse, which will further extend the all-weather access capabilities of Arumpo Road, although not the entire road will be all-weather accessible.

Additional enhancements will include the application of a two-coat bitumen seal, extending the road’s life and improving its condition. The project also plans to incorporate new line marking, which is crucial for enhancing road safety and aiding navigation for all users.

Funding and Schedule:

Jointly funded by Wentworth Shire Council and the Australian Government, this project exemplifies a collaborative approach to regional infrastructure development. The reconstruction and upgrade work on Arumpo Road is scheduled to commence in April 2024 and is projected to be completed in early 2025.

Anticipated Outcomes:

The upgrade of Arumpo Road is expected to significantly enhance the safety, functionality, and efficiency of this key transport route, offering lasting benefits to the region. The improvements will not only enhance connectivity but also support economic growth and improve the overall travel experience for both residents and visitors.