Tip Opening Hours

Recycling at Transfer Stations

Wentworth and Dareton: Scrap metal, oil, green waste and cardboard.
Pomona: Scrap metal and green waste.
Buronga: Tyres (refer to charges), concrete, oil, gas bottles/cylinders, green waste, scrap metal, pushbikes, cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, car batteries.

Opening times

Wentworth Transfer Station


8.00am - 4.45pm


12.30pm - 4.45pm


9.00am - 4.45pm

Dareton Transfer Station


8.00am - 4.45pm


8.00am - 12noon


9.00am - 4.45pm

Pomona Landfill


8.00am - 12noon

Pooncarie Landfill


Open 7 days

Ellerslie Landfill


Open 7 days

Buronga Landfill


8.00am - 4.45pm


9.00am - 4.45pm

Fees and Charges apply.

Please refer to the Current Waste Fees

Please note Trucks and industrial waste must be taken to the Buronga Landfill.

Garbage Collections

Monday: Wentworth, Pomona and Dareton

Tuesday: Coomealla, Curlwaa Irrigation Districts, River Road and Boeill Creek

Wednesday: Trentham Cliffs, Gol Gol township, Gol Gol North, Buronga Irrigation Areas, Buronga township and Mourquong

Bin not collected!  What do I do?

Ensure the bin was put out at the correct time, facing the right direction, clear of obstructions.  If this is correct contact Customer Service on (03) 5027 5027 to arrange pick up.

Damaged/Stolen bins

Contact Council in regard to stolen or damaged bins and arrangements can be made for their maintenance or replacement.