Wentworth Shire Council Community Survey

Want to have your say on the Wentworth Shire and its future?

Now is your chance to take part in Wentworth Shire Council’s Community Survey.

Have your say on the presentation of your region, the services available to you, the things you like about your life in Wentworth Shire, and what can be improved.

The survey runs in conjunction with community pop-up sessions, so everyone can help shape the future of Wentworth Shire.

Survey responses close on 12 December 2021.

1. In which locality do you live?

2. Please specify your age bracket

3. What is your gender?

4. Are you a

5. How long have you lived in the Wentworth Shire?

6. How do you feel about the general aesthetic presentation of Wentworth Shire?

7. How would you rate your quality of life in the Wentworth Shire?

8. Which of the below services have you used in the last 12 months?

9. How satisfied are you with the way Council provides the following services?

10. Of the services listed above, which one is most important to you?

11. How satisfied are you with Council's communication with residents?

12. How do you currently find out about Council matters?

13. Have you made contact with Council in the last 12 months?

14. If the answer was yes to the above, what method did you use to contact Council?

15. How satisfied were you with the contact?

16. What was the main reason for that contact?

17. What do you think are the key issues currently affecting the lives of Wentworth Shire residents?

18. What do you consider to be the top 3 priorities for Wentworth Shire Council? Please list

19. What are the Shire's strengths? Please list

20. What are the good aspects about living in the Wentworth Shire? Please list

21. What are the Shire's weaknesses? Please list

22. If you could improve anything about living in Wentworth Shire, what would it be? Please list

23. What opportunities are there for the Shire? Please list

24. What do you see as the biggest threats to Wentworth Shire? Please list

25. Where do you want to see the Wentworth Shire in 10 years time? Please list

26. What do we need to do to achieve that vision and who can help us to achieve that vision? Please list