Exciting changes are underway at the Wentworth Rivercraft Effluent Disposal Station (EDS) as Council embarks on a comprehensive upgrade to modernize and improve its functionality. While the facility is currently closed during this transformative process, Council would like to assure the boating community that these upgrades are essential for the long-term benefit of our rivercraft users and the environment.

In the meantime, an alternative effluent disposal facility is located at the Wentworth Wharf, with key access through the Wentworth Visitor Information Centre on Darling Street available from midday Wednesday 22 November. Council appreciate your understanding and cooperation while navigating through this transition, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Wentworth Shire Council is committed to providing solutions for effluent disposal that prioritize sustainability and community needs. The upgraded facility, slated to be operational by the end of February 2024, will be a testament to this commitment.

This renovation aims to achieve environmental standards, ensuring that the facility aligns with the latest advancements in waste management technology. The improvements will enhance user experience, streamline processes, and contribute positively to our community’s ecological footprint.

For further information on Effluent Disposal Stations in Wentworth Shire, visit: wentworth.nsw.gov.au/effluent-disposal-stations-eds